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Welcome to the KK5ZV domain!

This is a welcome page for the 4 sub-domains that I host.

I do this for fun as an aggregation point for my hobby interests, which include Ham Radio, Weather, Astronomy and Photography.


Thanks for visiting! Have a cup of coffee and enjoy the web pages!

Please visit all of my web pages. The links are listed in the menu bar on the top left on standard size displays like workstations. On small displays like a smart-phone the menu is the hamburger symbol on the upper RIGHT side.

The Ham Radio site is a list of technical and operating resources that I use daily when operating my station. My Weather station is KTXRICHM303. The Weather Station link will take you to my personal web page where I host data from my Ambient Weather Station, as well as many weather related links that I found extremely useful. On the Weather Station page click the tabs in the top right menu bar to see everything. I enjoy photography and astronomy too. You will find some of my better pictures at each of those links.